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Transducer Compatibility - Blue - 200 khz

Transducer Compatibility

Blue Locking-Collar Connector - 200 khz



No TempBuilt-In Temp Portable - No Temp Portable - Built-In Temp


No TempBuilt-In TempRemote TempIce-Fishing - No Temp

Primarily used on sonar units manufactured from 2005 - 2013



This transducer works with the following units:

HDS-5, HDS-5x, HDS-7, HDS-8, HDS-10, HDS-5 Gen2, HDS-5x Gen2, HDS-7 Gen2, HDS-8 Gen2, HDS-10 Gen2, LCX-110C, LCX-111C HD, LCX-112C, LCX-113C HD, LCX-17M, LCX-20C, LCX-25C, LCX-26C HD, LCX-27C, LCX-28C HD, LCX-37C, LCX-38C HD,

LMS-330C, LMS-332C, LMS-334C iGPS, LMS-335C DF, LMS-337C DF, LMS-339C DF iGPS, LMS-480, LMS-520C, LMS-522C iGPS, LMS-525C DF, LMS-527C DF iGPS, X102C, X-107C DF, X125, X126 DF, X135, X136 DF,X-510C, X515C DF, X52, & X59 DF



This transducer also works with the following units

but the temperature sensor will not work:

 LCX-15CI, LCX-15CT, LCX-15MT, LCX-16CI, LCX-18C, LCX-19C, LCX-104C, LMS-240, LMS-320, X51, X58 DF, X71, X87, X88 DF, X91, X97, & X98 DF



This transducer also works with the following units with a TA-X2U adapter (99-78)

but the temperature sensor will not work:

 LCF-1440, LST-3800, M68C S/Map, X47, X47EX, X-50 DS, X67C, X-86 DS, & X96


A dual-frequency (50khz/200khz) transducer will work with the same units, but if it is connected to a single frequency unit, only the 200khz signal will be used.


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