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LWX-1 Unit, Sirius, Manual, and Accessories Information


Sirius® Satellite Weather and Radio Module

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 Satellite Coverage Area Sirius Marine Weather subscribers are able to receive Sirius Marine Weather from anywhere within Sirius's satellite footprint, which blankets the 48 contiguous states, and international waters extending hundreds of miles into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Click here for the Sirius website.
 Input Voltage 8 to 18 Vdc
 Power Consumption/ Current Drain .3A
 Casing /Waterproof Standards  Sealed and waterproof (IP-X7)
 Dimensions (HxDxW) 50 x 127 x 94 mm (2.0” x 5.0” x 3.7”) without pedestal mount
 Mounting Flush mount, Pole mount, or Pedestal mount
 Memory Back Up Yes - 30 minutes of data retention.
 Weather Precipitation Radar Yes * - NOWRAD and Canadian (colored precip. type)
 Storm Attributes (speed & direction) Yes * - Storm Alert with Severity, Hail, Tornado, Cloud
 Storm Tracks (icons w/text) with Windfields Yes * - Hurricanes, Cyclones
 Lightning (icons) Yes * - Lightning Alert
 Weather Warnings & Watchboxes Yes
 Current City Forecast (icons with text) Yes
 Channel Art Yes
 Sea Surface Temperature (colored or numbered) Yes - Only with Mariner or Voyager packages.
 Marine Zone Forecast (severe weather alert) Yes - Only with Mariner or Voyager packages.
 Weather Observations and Buoys (icons with text) Yes - Only with Mariner or Voyager packages. Wave Steepness
 Forecast Winds and Waves (wave height, wind speed/direction) Yes - Only with Mariner (0-3hr) or Voyager (0-48hr) packages.
 Sirius Data Not Supported by LWX-1 Cloud cover, weather fronts, isobars, fuel prices, sport scores,  & 5 day tabular city forecast.
 Weight 340g (3/4 lbs) without cable (including pedestal mount); 622g (1 3/8 lbs with cable)
 Non-operating Temperature Range -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F) @ 95% humidity
 Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C (14°F to 140°F) @ 95% humidity
 Manufactured 2010-2011
 Current Software Version 1.0

* Viewable only within 80nm radius of cursor and 10nm from coast with Inland Service Package.


Interface Module and Ethernet Cable Kit000-0127-57
LWX-1 Spare Parts Kit (pole mount, hardware, and cover plugs)000-0124-78

 (Aug. 9, 2011) Please be aware that the LWX-1 interface module doesn’t have an internal amplifier. This means that no ordinary set of speakers will work to produce even mediocre audio. The speakers must either be powered or an amp will need to be used before the speakers in order to produce the digital quality audio that Sirius provides.  Consumers can purchase powered speakers with a  1/8 in.(3.5mm) stereo pin for as little as $20.00 or as much as $260.00 for marine-grade versions.  Powered computer speakers would work too but bear in mind that they aren’t waterproof for use on the water. So, unless they’re going to be using it in a fully enclosed cabin or in a “non-marine” scenario, these would not be suggested.

Marine-grade amps can be purchased for use with non-powered speakers and these range from $11.00 for a basic kit to $530.00 for high-end JL Audio 6 channel system to drive multiple speakers.


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