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Frequently Asked Questions

 What Lowrance units are compatible with the 4G? HDS-5, HDS-5M, HDS-7, HDS-7M, HDS-8, HDS-8M, HDS-10, & HDS-10M.and the HDS Gen2 versions. (In some cases software updates may be required.)
 Are other brands compatible with the 4G? Yes. Simrad NSE, NSO, & NSS; B&G Zeus 8" & 12". (In some cases software updates may be required.)
 What are the fuse values? 5 amps


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Product Information


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 Compliance CE, FCC (ID:RAY3G4G) IC: 4697A-3G4G
 Environmental IEC60945: 2002                                                                              Operating Temperature: -13° to +130°F (-25° to +55°C)                    Relative Humidity: +95°F (+35°C), 95% RH                          Waterproof:  IPX6
 Relative Wind Velocity 51 m/sec (Max: 100 Knots)
 Power Consumption (with 10 m cable) Operating: 18 W (Typ.) @ 13.8 Vdc                                               Standby: 2 W (Typ.) @ 13.8 Vdc ~ 150 ma
 DC Input (at end of radar cable) 9 V to 31.2 V DC (12/24 Volt Systems)                                              Reverse Polarity Protection
 Transmitter Source (Pre-heating time) No magnetron - Instant On
 Outside Dimensions Height 11" x Diameter 19.3"  (280 mm x 489 mm)
 Weight (no cable) 16.31 lbs  (7.4 kg)
 Radar Ranges Dual Range - 200 ft (50 m) to 36 nm with 18 range settings
 Rotation Speed (mode dependent) 24/36 rpm +/- 10%
 Transmitter Frequency X-band - 9.3 to 9.4 Ghz
 Transmitter Source (warmup time) No Magnetron - all solid state.  Instant On
 Plane of Polarization Horizontal Polarization
 Transmitter Peak Power Output 165 mW (nominal)
 Main Bang Dead Zone None - not a pulse radar.
 Sea and Rain Clutter 3-5X less than a pulse radar.
 Sweep Repetition Frequency 200 - 540 Hz (mode dependant)
 Sweep Time 1.3 ms +/- 10%
 Sweep Bandwidth 75 MHz max
 Horizontal Beam Width  (Tx and Rx antenna) 2.6° - 5.2° +/- 10% (-3dB width) Adjustable
 Vertical Beam Width  (Tx and Rx antenna) 25° +/- 20% (-3dB width)
 Side Lobe Level (Tx and Rx antenna) Below -18 dB (within ± 10°); Below -24 dB (outside ± 10°)
 Noise Figure Less than 6 dB
 Comms Protocol High Speed Ethernet
 Heading NMEA2000 / SimNet with RI10 interface box
 Interconnecting Cable Standard Lengths Lowrance: 33 ft (10 M) Part # AA010211                                        Simrad, B&G 65.6 ft (20 m) Part # AA010212
 Maximum Interconnecting Cable Length 98.5 ft (30 m) optional cable Part # AA010213
 Bolts (4) M8 x 30 mm - 304 stainless steel
 Footprint W 9.17" (233 mm) (port / starboard) x L 5.55" (141.5 mm)

4G Radar Wiring Information for HDS Units

Lowrance HDS USA

Lowrance HDS Outside USA or with MARPA / Chart overlay
Simrad NSS (NMEA2000 network)

The 3G™ Radar connects to the Lowrance HDS and Simrad NSS in the same manner

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4G Radar Dimensions


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