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Sonichub software for iphone 4 users Lowrance & Simrad

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No.ELTB1005 & ESTB1109 / Wednesday 15
June 2011
SonicHub    software available for iPhone 4 users
Navico has released new software for the Lowrance and Simrad SonicHub. This new software
(version 10.2337) adds support for the new iPhone 4.
SonicHub update procedure:
Copy the SonicHub update to the root of a memory stick, the files should extract into a folder called
Insert the memory stick into the USB connector in the SonicHub dock or directly into the USB port on the
back of the SonicHub
Lowrance HDS
Press the Menu button twice to access the main menu.
Scroll to Network and then select Device List.
Scroll to the SonicHub in the device list then press the menu key.
Select Upgrade and press enter.
A dialog box will pop up saying "upgrade successful" after the update has completed. You should be able to
hear the speakers "pop" as the SonicHub powers back on.
Simrad NSE
Select audio bar using WIN key.
Press MENU button twice, to select main menu.
Navigate to Network and select device list.
Highlight SonicHub and press MENU button.
Select upgrade.
Dialog box "Upgrade Successful" will appear upon completion. You should hear an audible
pop through the SonicHub speakers.
Procedure will reset some user settings. Please update radio location and speaker preferences if necessary.
Please note - This update will reset some user settings such as favourites and speaker levels.
To access the SonicHub software update files and complete download and installation instructions, go to
DOWNLOADS > Product Software Updates at the Lowrance or Simrad Yachting websites:

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