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Simrad SonicHub Compatibility with Apple iPhone

ELTB1110 & ESTB1123 / 7th November 2011

Lowrance & Simrad SonicHub Compatibility with Apple iPhone 4S™ and Apple iOS5™

Please be advised that the current version of Lowrance and Simrad SonicHub software, version 10.2337, is compatible with the new Apple iPhone 4S and the latest Apple iOS5 operating system.

SonicHub users who are experiencing problems with an iOS5 device in their SonicHub should update their SonicHub software to 10.2337.

How to see if your SonicHub™ is already using 10.2337:

  1. From a chart/sonar/radar/info page, press the Menu key twice to activate the main menu
  2. Select Network
  3. Select Device list
  4. Scroll to the SonicHub and press Enter
  5. If your software version is the same as listed above then there is no need to update the software on the unit.

If your software is older than version 10.2337 go to the below links, choose the download appropriate for your product and follow the upgrade instructions.

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