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SonicHub - Power On Instructions - HDS

SonicHub Power On Instructions


Certain conditions are required before the SonicHub power indicator LED will illuminate.


  • All power connections must be made per the instructions in the installation Manual.
  • If you want the SonicHub to power on when you power on the HDS Unit.  Follow diagram A below.


  • If using the optional Fusion wired remote, follow diagram B below.


  • An NMEA 2000 network must be installed and powered on.
  • The HDS unit must be powered on to send the "wake up" signal to the SonicHub.
  • An HDS Generation 1  unit must be software version 3.5 or later to communicate with the SonicHub.
  • All HDS Gen 2 units will communicate with the SonicHub with existing software.

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