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Insight Genesis FAQs

Insight Genesis FAQs


What is Insight Genesis?

Insight Genesis is an exclusive service of Lowrance that allows consumers to create customized contour maps from their personal sonar logs.

How Does Insight Genesis Work?

After signing up for an Insight Genesis account online, download a simple desktop application to your PC. Use the desktop application to upload the sonar log saved from a compatible chartplotter to an SD card to the Insight Genesis web service. After the Insight Genesis service processes the data, an email is sent that contains a link to the free online web viewer to view the map. Three convenient options are offered to purchase an encrypted download of the map to use on a compatible multifunction display/chartplotter.


Is my sonar data protected?

Sonar data uploaded to Insight Genesis may be used by Navico to enhance their commercially available mapping products.

  • Data will only be used to enhance mapping used by the fishing and boating communities.
  • No data will be uniquely identifiable.
  • No single source data will be used.
  • No waypoint data will be gathered.
Link to Privacy Policy

Navico understands your Sonar data is valuable to you and is encrypted and is stored on highly secure, redundant servers. The data is not available outside the uses listed above and you.

What Happens To My Sonar Log Data Once It Is Submitted?

Sonar log data is sent to the Insight Genesis processing system to be converted into a depth contour map. Personal consumer information is never disclosed outside of the system used to provide the service. Lowrance may retain a copy of submitted sonar logs in accordance with the terms in the Insight Genesis Privacy Policy, which can be found at: and may combine such data with that of other Insight Genesis users in order to improve Insight map data. An individual consumer’s trips, sonar logs, and maps will never be publicly disclosed, and no individual consumer data will be revealed to other consumers without their consent.

Pricing and Subscription Questions

Is Insight Genesis Free? How Much Does Insight Genesis Cost?

The basic Insight Genesis service is free with compatible multifunction displays/chartplotters. There is no fee to sign up for an account, download the desktop application or view customized maps and sonar logs online. Multiple payment options are available – individual map fee or annual subscription – to download an encrypted map for use on a compatible multifunction display/chartplotter.

What is the difference between the different Subscription Options?


FREE Map View: View customized map of your sonar log that includes high-resolution contours and depth shading in your internet browser.

One-Time Purchase: Allows you to download the map (AT5) for use on your Lowrance chartplotter.

Standard Subscription: Unlimited use of Insight Genesis, the ability to merge multiple trips for greater detail and increased coverage area on a single map. Your maps are stored on the Insight Genesis web site so you always have a back-up file and a record or all your trips.

Premium Subscription: Adds powerful functionality for sophisticated users, including professional fisherman and commercial boat operators. This level provides control of contour line detail level, the addition of bottom hardness, a unique new vegetation layer, and advanced trend analysis tools.

General Questions

Which Chartplotters Are Compatible With Insight Genesis?

For the most current list of compatible Lowrance products, please visit:

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a number of computer servers used to store the maps that Insight Genesis creates and are accessible by Internet download at any time. This provides you a back-up in case the SD card that holds your map is ever lost or damaged. It also provides you a complete library of your maps stored in a single location.

Will Insight Genesis replace my current Insight or Navionics charts?

No, these mapping products offer other info such as navigation aids, points of interest (POIs) and information on bodies of water that you have not uploaded to Insight Genesis. While these products provide detailed information on thousands of lakes, miles of coast lines etc. they may not offer the detail on what is of interest to you. They also do not provide the advanced features such as adjustable contour lines, bottom hardness, etc.

Can I use Insight Genesis to navigate?

Insight Genesis is designed as a supplemental service that increases the level detail and knowledge that should be used in addition to navigational charts. It is not designed to be used for navigation.

My Lowrance unit is having trouble loading the map I just created.

Please make sure there is only 1 map file (your file name.AT5) on your SD chip.

Will Insight Genesis work on my MacBook?

Insight Genesis will only work with Windows based computers.

Why is it taking so long to upload my Sonar log to Insight Genesis?

Most high speed internet (DSL, UVerse, Cable Modem, etc.) providers advertise very high download speeds, but provide much slower upload speeds. To find your actual upload speed you can use

Estimated Upload Times (times will vary on network congestion) 

How do I Make the Best Maps

Please see our User Guides and Videos (links)

How Does Insight Genesis Work

What Types Of Sonar Logs Are Compatible with Insight Genesis?

The Insight Genesis service is compatible with sonar logs created by Lowrance multifunction displays/chartplotters using either the traditional .slg file format or the newer structure scan compatible .sl2 file format. Log files can be created using either the built-in sounder modules or the external sounder modules such as the BSM1, LSS-1 or LSS- 2. Please refer to your units operating manual for specific instructions on how to create a log file.

How are maps merged?

Maps can be merged by combining the trips you’ve uploaded to your Insight Genesis account. By clicking on the “merge” tab in your interactive map viewer you will see a list of your trips, organized by date, from this same water body. You can select the trips you wish to merge to create a map with data collected from these trips on the same map.

How are different water levels accounted for when maps are merged?

Subscribers will have the ability to customize an offset to account for low/high water levels or adjust for transducer placement.

How does Trend Analysis Work?

Each Trip uploaded to your account will have local weather, pressures and other key conditions associated to it automatically. This feature takes the guess work out of identifying where you caught fish under certain conditions and times of the year.

What is the best way to do a survey?

This can be a very complicated question! The quality of your mapping output will largely depend on the lake characteristics. The key considerations include the size of the lake versus area of interest and time available to record data. The standard data buffer is 25 meters on both sides of your trip path meaning that if you stay within 50 meters of your previous path you will not have any gaps between your paths for full coverage. Slower collection (between 7-10 MPH recommended when mapping vegetation) will give you the best and most accurate maps. Insight Genesis is designed to create useful maps of the areas you fish no matter how you collect the data. Please refer to Quick Start guide (show link) to get the proper settings for your Lowrance unit.

Geographical Availability

Is Insight Genesis available in all countries?

Navico’s goal is to offer Insight Genesis in every country that it is possible, based on the laws of that country. It is currently available in the countries listed on this web site White List Link. Please check back as more countries will be added.

Customer Service

Who do I contact if I need Customer Service?

Please call our toll-free Customer Service line at 1-800-628-4487. Technicians and representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. CST, except holidays.

Account Management

What do I need to provide to view the Free Map?

You will need to set up an account with your name, address and e-mail address.

Will I need to provide my Credit Card number?

Not if you are only using the FREE map viewing. You will need to provide a credit card number if you choose one of the pay services.

To download a map I need my unit’s Content ID and Serial Number, where do I find that?

Follow this path to get to the screen below that shows Content ID and Serial Number

  • Main screen
  • Settings (lower left hand side)
  • System
  • About (scroll down)


What if I accidentally bought the chart twice or chose the wrong map to purchase?

Please call Customer Service at 800-628-4487.

I get an error when trying to download via a (3Gor 4G) cellular network.  I get "timeout", "...invalid import...", or other errors depending on software platform.

With the large file sizes of Insight Genesis, please try again using a WiFi or Ethernet connection to the Internet.

I forgot my Password.

You can reset your password at:


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