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Product Information

 Sonar Yes
 Display Size 1-3/8" Diagonal
 Pixel count Does Not Apply
 Display LCD
 Backlighting Screen (Lamp)
 Frequency 192 kHz
 Transducer PD-W or other Gray Connector
 Output Power 2,400 W
 Power Consumption/ Current Drain 500mA
 Max Depth 700 ft
 Input Voltage 10 - 17
 Casing Sealed and waterproof (IP-X7)
 Dimensions 2-3/8" Diameter X 4" Depth
 Unit Weight 1 lb
 Hole Dimensions of 3500 2 1/8" Diameter (55 mm), 3-3/4" Clearance behind hole
 Standard Sonar Features  Depth Only
 Sonar Alarms Yes
 Temperature No
 Memory Back Up Yes
 Languages English
 Weight 1.00 lbs
 Manufactured 1991-2005
 Current Software Version N/A

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