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LCF-1440 Unit Information


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Product Information
 Sonar Yes
 Display Size 2.5" Diameter (6.3 cm)
 Pixel count 132 X 132 
 Display Film SuperTwist 4-level gray scale
 Backlighting Screen/Keypad (white LED)
 Frequency 200 kHz
 Transducer  Many different configurations possible
 Output Power 800 W
 Depth Scales 600ft (183m)
 Input Voltage 10 - 15
 Casing Sealed and waterproof (IP-X7)
 Dimensions 3.8" Diameter X 3.5" Depth (9.7 cm X 9.1 cm)
 Hole Size 3 3/8" diameter
 Standard Sonar Features No, Just a Flasher
 FishReveal No
 HyperScroll No
 FlashGraf Yes
 FasTrack No
 Sonar Graph Recording No
 FishTrack No
 Sonar Alarms Yes
 Split Screen Zoom No
 Temperature Yes
 Distance Log No
 Memory Back Up Yes
 Overlay Data Yes
 Resize Window No
 Solarmax No
 Hard Drive? No
 Weight 0.98 lbs
 Manufactured 2004-2010
 Current Software Version 1.1.0


 Power Cable None (Hard Wired) XXXX
 Gimbal Bracket None XXXX
 Gimbal Knob None XXXX
 Transducer HST-WSU 106-48
 Transducer Adapter TA-X2U (If necessary) 99-78
 Speed/ Temp probe None XXXX

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