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LDT-3001 Unit Information


Product Information

 Sonar No
 Display Size 1-3/8" Diagonal
 Pixel count  Does Not Apply
 Display Type LCD
 Backlighting Screen(lamp)
 Input Voltage 10 - 15; 1A Fused
 Casing Sealed and waterproof (IP-X7)
 Dimensions 2-3/8" Diameter X 4" Depth
 Hole Dimensions 2 1/8" Diameter (55 mm), 3-3/4" clearance behind hole
 Cable 30 ft - Probe is calibrated to the unit.
 Temperature Yes
 Memory Back Up No
 Languages English
 Voltage Display No
 Time Display No
 Multiple Temprature Readings No
 Engine Hours No
 Cycle Pages No
 Weight 1.15 lbs
 Manufactured 1992-2003
 Current Software Version N/A


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