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How to update an NMEA 2000 sonar unit through a GPS unit.

NOTE First the Sonar must have a minimum version of 1.3.0 in the unit’s software information menu.  And you must have a Combo Unit or GPS product that is NMEA 2000 compatible and both products will need to be networked together.  Insert the software update mmc card into the gps.


1.     Press the menu key on the gps and down arrow to NMEA 2000 and press ENT.  This will bring up Bus Setup and you will press ENT again.

2.     Highlight the Sonar device that you are trying to update and press ENT.

3.     This will display the Device Information Box and you will see the current software version or release for this Sonar.  (Remember that you must have 1.3.0 or above). 

4.     Exit back to the units operating page, and then press menu two times.  Down arrow to Browse Files in the GPS unit, then press ENT.  Be sure the Sonar product is turned on at this point.

5.     Now arrow down and highlight the Family name followed by (s for sonar) (ms for mapping and sonar) or (m or g for mapping only), see item #8 for additional details, and then highlight the .luf file that matches the product.  Now press the waypoint key 5-times or press ENT and arrow down to Update and press ENT again.  A confirmation box will appear asking if you are sure that you want to update the device?  Left arrow over to yes and press ENT.

6.     Another box may appear telling you that no units have been found to update do you want to try anyway?  Left arrow to yes and press ENT.

7.     The progress bar will appear and should start feeding across.  If the progress bar doesn’t start to feed across, disconnect the network cable from the back of the sonar for just a second and then plug it back in.  This should start the progress bar.

a.      NOTE If the progress bar has already started to feed across DO NOT UNPLUG THE NETWORK!

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