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Link-5 Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information


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Product Information

 Display Size 1" X 1.8" (26 X 46 mm)
 Pixel Count/ Resolution Does Not Apply - 4 line x 12 characters + icons
 Display Type FSTN matric LCD
 Backlighting Screen (Amber LED)
 Input Voltage 13.6V DC
 Power Consumption / Current Draw 5A at 25W/1.5A at 1W - less than 250 mA in standby
 Battery Monitor Low battery alert at 10.6 v DC
 Casing/Waterproof Standards Rugged chassis - JIS-7 waterproof
 Compass safe distance 1.5' (0.5m)
 Dimensions  2.8" X 6.3"  X 6.1" (72 X 160 X 156 mm)
 Antenna ConnectorSO-239 (50 ohm)
 Hailer with Intercom Talkback / External Speaker No hailer - has external speaker jack.
 Call Logs 20 individual / 10 distress
 Navigation with Waypoints and MOB No
 FM Stereo Radio No
 Fist Microphone Features Built-in speaker, 6 keys for easy helm operation,   & easy grip rubber overmoulding.
 Audio Output Power 2W - 8Ω @ 10% distortion; 4W - 4Ω @ 10% distortion with external speaker.
 Transmit Power 23W +/- 2/
 Transmitter Protection Open/Short circuit of antenna.
 Modulation Distortion <4% at 1kHz with ±3Khz deviation
 Frequency Control PLL with ±10ppm stability
 Maximum Fequency Deviation ±5Khz
 Residual Noise Level More than -40 dB unsquelched.
 Adjacent CH Selectivity More than 70dB.
 Spurious Response More than 70dB.
 Intermodulation Rejection Ratio More than 68dB.
 12db Sinad Sensitivity .25uV (distant)/0.8uV (local)
 Channels All USA, International, Canada, 10 NOAA Weather
 Local/Distance Yes
 Favorite Channel Select/Scan Yes
 All Scan /Dual Watch/Tri Watch/Memory Scan Yes
 Number of Weather Channels 10 NOAA
 NOAA Tone Wx Alert Yes
 Weather Channel Scan Yes
 Position Polling Yes
 Memory Back Up Yes
 Directory / MMSI Entry Yes - 20 numbers & group
 Languages English
 Fuse size 7 amp
 Speakers External speaker connection wires for 4 watt external speaker at 4 ohms - plus speaker in fist mic.
 NMEA NMEA0183 in for GPS Position (RMC,GGA,GLL,GNS); out for DSC messages to GPS/Plotter (for DSC call), DSE (enhanced position), 4800 Baud
 DSC Class D (Global) separate CH70 receiver built-in.
 Temperature Range -4 to 131 °F  (-20 to 55°C)
 Weight 2.8 lbs (1.29 kg) without microphone
  Manufactured 2013
 Current Software Version N/A


 Sun Cover CVR-12 - 000-10001-001
 1.1m stainless masthead whip antenna AA000352
 Nylon quick-fit antenna mount AA000223
 Stainless steel quick-fit antenna mount AA000224
 2.4 m (8-ft) fiberglass quick-fit VHF antenna AA000355
 1 m (3.3-ft) fiberglass quick-fit VHF antenna AA000358


Link-5 Wiring



Link-5 Reset Procedure


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