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How do I select the Point-1 for GPS data or Heading data on my HDS?

GPS data selection is the same as any NMEA external antenna. GPS sources can be found in the
HDS ‘Data Sources’ menu. This can be found:

On keypad units, by pressing Menu—Menu—Network – Data Sources. Then selecting
GPS, then All Data. You should see the Point-1 listed in this menu. 

 On Touch units by pressing the Pages key, tapping Settings, tapping Network, tapping
Data Sources. Then selecting, GPS, then All Data. You should see the Point-1 in this

HDS also has an Auto Select feature, when this is enabled the HDS will choose the antenna with the best
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) from the available satellites. Depending on mounting location, view of the
sky, etc. having Auto Select enabled may not always choose the Point-1 for GPS data.

How do I select the Point-1 for heading data on my HDS?

Selecting the Point-1 for heading is the same process as selecting the Point-1 for GPS. However,
since heading is determined by a compass, rather than from the satellites, heading can be found under
Vessel, from the Data Source Selection page, rather than GPS.

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