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How do I calibrate the heading sensor in my Point-1?

If, at any time the heading data from your Point-1 becomes incorrect, calibration of the Point-1 heading
sensor can be done in one of two ways:

 From the HDS unit. HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch (with 2.0 software or higher) have the ability to
initiate a calibration sequence from the Device list. Simply select the Point-1 from the device list
and enter the Details page. From here, press calibrate, you will be taken to the instructions on
how to perform a calibration. This is done by driving the boat in several circles. Press Calibrate
to begin the process.

From the Point-1 itself. If you have an HDS Gen2 without 2.0 software, or an HDS Gen1, you can
calibrate the Point-1 by unplugging it from the NMEA backbone and plugging it back in.
Immediately following this begin turning you boat in a slow circle. The completion of one circle
initiates the calibration process, and a second should complete it.
If after completing either of these processes the Point-1 still does not show a heading, retry the

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