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Elite-4x HDI Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information

Elite-4x HDI


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Product Information
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 Sonar features Yes
 GPS features No
 Display Size 4.3" diagonal (10.92 cm)
 Pixel count  / Resolution 480 x 272
 Display Type 16-bit color TFT
 Backlighting 11-level LED
 Frequency 83/200 kHz + 455/800 kHz
 Transducer Multiple selections - see below
 HDI Yes
 Output Power 250W RMS, 30,000W Peak to Peak
 Max Depth 300 ft / 91 m*  using 455/800kHz 
 750 ft / 229 m* using 83/200kHz
 2000 ft / 610 m* using 50/200kHz

 Input Voltage 12 vDC (10 - 17 vDC min-max)
 Power Consumption / Current Draw Typical: .75A
 Casing /Waterproof Standards Sealed and waterproof (IP-X7) 
 Dimensions 6.6" H x 3.8 " W x 2.2" D  (168 x 96 x 56 mm)
 Standard Sonar Features Yes
 Fishing Modes Yes - (conventional sonar only) General Use, Shallow Water, Fresh  Water, Deep Water, Slow Trolling, Fast Trolling, Clear Water, & Brackish Water
 Ping Rate Yes - Manually adjustable
 Flasher Yes - A split screen is available with a digital flasher and 2D sonar.
 Ice Mode Yes
 Sonar Graph Recording \ Trackback Yes - Trackback lets you scroll back to review multiple pages of sonar history.
 Fish ID Yes
 Sonar Alarms Yes
 Split Screen Zoom Yes
 Surface Water Temperature Yes- Available built into transducer or via optional temp sensor.
 Paddlewheel Distance Log Yes - with optional paddlewheel sensor.
 Memory Back Up Yes
 Compass Safe Distance 8" (20cm)
 Languages 30
 Overlay Data Sonar/GPS
 Resize Window No
 Ethernet Port No
 Hard Drive No
 Weight 0.65lbs
 Operating Temperature 5°F to 130°F  (-15°C to 55°C)
 Manufactured 2014
 Current Software Version 1.0.0

*Actual depth capabilities depend on transducer configuration and installation, bottom composition, and water conditions.


 Quick Release Bracket  QRB-5 000-10027-001
 Flush Mount Kit Elite-4 HDI Flush-Mount Kit 000-11308-001
 Power Cable PC-30-RS-422 000-0127-49    
 HDI Transducer Options
 HDI Skimmer 83/200 & 455/800
 HDI Skimmer 50/200 & 455/800
 0 degree tilt thru-hull
 12 degree tilt thru-hull
 20 degree tilt thru-hull
  Also works with traditional
83/200 kHZ and 50/200 kHZ
transducers with blue 7-pin
connectors. Plus all Aimar
transducers for HDS units.
 Trolling Motor Adaptor for HDI Skimmer - 83/200 only HDI TROLLING MOTOR ADAPTOR 000-10978-001 - 83/200 only.
 Transducer Extension Cable EXTENSION CABLE - 20FT 000-0099-94
 Screen Cover Elite-4 HDI Sun Cover 000-11307-001


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